1/8 Jobbers Length Reamer Blank Pack of 20

1/8' Jobbers Length Reamer Blank (Pack of 20) - -. 1/8" Jobbers Length Reamer Blank (Pack of 20) - -. SHANK STYLE: Straight 。 FINISH: Bright 。 OVERALL LENGTH (OAL): 2-3/4" 。 DECIMAL EQUIVALENT: 0.1250" 。 FRACTIONAL DIAMETER: 1/8" 。 Reamer Blank。Application:Used as gages, ground pins or raw materials for making tool bits and other cutting tools。For use as inexpensive gauge pins, guide pins, specialty dowels pins or similar applications。Can be machined into specialty cutting tools or tool bits, custom punches or specialized guide pins。Useful for jigs and fixtures where specific pin sizes are needed as guides, locators or support。Features:Ground to a true cylindrical form throughout their complete length, without any taper。Hardened and ground and furnished in standard jobbers lengths。Technical Data:Manufactured from high speed steel。Hardened and cylindrically ground。Bright finish。Tolerances:Up to .5000" (+.0002" or +.005mm)。.5001-.6250 (+.0005" or +.008mm)。.6251-1.000 (+.0005" or +.013mm)。Product Specification: SHANK STYLE: Straight。FINISH: Bright。OVERALL LENGTH (OAL): 2-3/4"。DECIMAL EQUIVALENT: 0.1250"。FRACTIONAL DIAMETER: 1/8"。OVERALL LENGTH INCHES (OAL): 2-3/4"。DRILL STYLE: Reamer Blank。TYPE: Jobbers Length。MATERIAL: HSS。 。 。 。

1//8 Jobbers Length Reamer Blank Pack of 20